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Private banking – only for millionaires?

Private banking – only for millionaires? For anyone who thought that the conditions to be met by premium banking customers were high, the table below might turn out to be even more interesting. Private banking is a programme designed for millionaires who do not intend to queue at a bank cashier or advisor at banks’ operating units.Credit again imposes the smallest requirements – it expects at least USD10,000 of monthly income or USD 200,000 of assets accumulated in the bank. However, he is reluctant to share information on how many bank outlets he has designated for his priority clients,...

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creation of websites

Money, everyone would like to have it, not everyone knows how to earn it. Fortunately, the #InstitutionsBusiness cycle is helpful and today I also have another interesting income option for you. Creating a website, a topic from which I could have started this series of entries just as well. At one time it was a very popular and extremely profitable form of income. What is it like today? Today it is also worth to take an interest in the subject, because you can still get a lot of money on creating websites. What do you need to know to...

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Gym 13 excuses that distance you from your dream figure

´╗┐It is not without reason that someone once said that a person has either excuses or results in life. The road to success does not provide excuses or shortcuts. To achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, you need to be immune to that quiet voice in your head that punishes you to turn back, which almost always comes up when you want to take a step forward. What are your excuses? Below I have listed the excuses that are supposed to be the most popular. I write “supposedly” because I wrote them out on the basis...

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Jurassic World 2 Review Fallen Kingdom

Summary This is not the Jurassic World I expected, but it’s still a good action movie. I hope that in the next parts there will be more dinosaurs, not people. Final Evaluation – 60% Let us be honest about it. Most of the returns to the old series are unearned, trying to earn money from the sentiment. In the same way, in my opinion, it was to be with the first part of Jurassic World. But the miracle happened and the first part of the newly created Jurassic World trilogy gathered fantastic reviews and recognition from ordinary fans as...

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Miya Cosmetics facial essence my test

I recently read an article in Guardian about how the daily ritual of women’s care is getting longer and how some of the three cosmetics have gone to more than 10, an olaf. The whole text was a bit clickbait, because it was supposed to be about the dark sides of the care, and it was about the fact that women want to have a beautiful complexion, and not only beautifully paint themselves. I believe that care is essential – and the essence of a face, such as Miya Cosmetics, is a cosmetic that works very well in everyday...

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